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Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to the homepage of the Minnesota College Republicans!  As an 
organization of college students across Minnesota, we seek to help 
elect Republicans, provide opportunities for Republican college 
students and present conservative ideas on our campuses.

The last two years have been a time of amazing growth for our 
organization. We now have over 3000 members, on over thirty campuses.  
This past summer, at the Republican National Convention in 
Philadelphia, the College Republican National Committee recognized 
the MCRs as the "best state federation" in the country. 

The future is exciting and the opportunities are great!  In 2002 
nearly every office holder is up for re-election and we intend 
to play a part in electing Republicans at all levels, 
especially a governor and a U.S. senator.  With your help, we can 
make the difference to elect people who will stand up for our 

As a college student you can help by getting involved!   You 
can make a major difference on your campus, and across Minnesota.  
If your college days have passed, the College Republicans need 
your support.  Please e-mail  if you would like 
to work with the Minnesota College Republicans!

        Working to Win!

        Michael D. Krueger
        State Chairman 

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