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On the campaign trail...
  • Norm Coleman stops in Duluth in February
  • Mary Kiffmeyer visits the UMD CRs
  • To have your club's pictures here, e-mail them to [email protected]
2002 MN GOP Convention
  • Senate candidate Norm Coleman addresses the convention
  • A U of M Twin Cities CR poses with our next governor, Tim Pawlenty
  • Who can resist being a Coleman fan?
  • MNCR Chairman Mike Kruger speaks to the convention
  • Some of our candidates gathering
  • Hitting the campaign trail...
2002 MCR Convention
  • State Chairman Krueger address the pre-convention gathering with Norm Coleman and Eric Hoplin also on stage
  • Coleman addresses the crowd at the pre-convention festivities
  • Winding down day 1 with a little socializing
  • Norm Coleman addresses the MCR delegates on day 2
2001 CR National Convention - Washington DC
  • The MN CR delegation with their award for the largest state delegation present
  • St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman addresses the convention
  • Another picture of our future Senator
  • MN Congressman Jim Ramstad at the convention
Election Night... St. Paul MN
  • At 2AM, the crowd goes wild as George W. Bush was declared the winner (the first time :)
  • An excited, but tired group of UMD and St. Scholastica students pose for this picture before they leave for duluth (arriving back at 5:30 AM)
G.W. Bush Rallies Nov 1, 2000
  • W walking the rope line
  • meeting the crowd...
  • almost close enough to shake his hand
  • CRs from UMD, St. Scholastica and Bemidji State preparing signs the night before
  • One of the floor tickets to the event
  • Volunteer IDs that we wore
  • More coming soon...
Twin Cities
  • CRs painting signs for the event
  • CRs prepare for the Bush arrival (hanging a Kennedy sign)
  • Bush's plane, Responsibility One
  • Bush getting off his plane
  • G.W. walking to the hanger
Straight from the front lines
  • Showing their support for the candidates
  • CRs meet with Mark Kennedy and Liz Cheney at MSU
  • CRs rally with John McCain and Mark Kennedy
  • CRs manning the phone banks the night before the election
  • A dedicated CR reaching out and touching someone
  • George W. Bush at a rally in LaCrosse Wisc
  • MCRs made their presence known at the Bush's rally...
  • Cheney visited the metro area, stopping at a local sporting goods store
  • Even this green is for Bush...
  • Grams' bus tour makes its next stop in N. Minnesota
  • Many MCRs joined Senator Grams on a 12 hour bus tour of NE MN
  • MCRs rally for Grams
  • MCR Eric Hoplin is interviewed by ABC's morning show about the Lieberman rally
  • MCRs were quickly removed from the Lieberman rally, I guess he just can't handle politically active youth...
  • MCRs help John Kline
  • CRs from St. Olaf and Hamline with J.C. Watts at the Runbeck Rally on the Bethel campus
  • Hardworking SCSU CRs pose for this picture...
  • This homecoming float from St. Olaf speaks volumes...
  • CRs from Northwestern, UST, U of M, St. Olaf, and Macalaster gather to taunt senate canidate Mark Dayton
Truckin' to Victory Rally
  • Senator Grams addressed the crowd
  • another picture of the event
  • stormy weather wasn't about to stop these CRs...
  • MCRs gather with Grams and Bush Signs
Campaign 2000
  • MCRs Rally at Carleton College where NRA president is about to speak
  • more from the Heston rally...
  • Congressman Gutknecht drops in on a St. Olaf CR meeting
  • Mr. Gutknecht with Eric Hoplin
Operation Rye Grass
  • CRs pose in their Ninja suits after a successful mission
Operation Burmashave
  • CRs hapily displaying roadside signs for Rod Grams on the day of the primaries
  • More signs...
MCR 2000 Summer Retreat
  • National CR Chairman Scott Stewart addresses a captivated audience
  • Senator Rod Grams drove many long hours to energize us at our retreat
  • Chairman Hoplin with the Senator
GOP National Convention
Movies (Courtesy of Josh Rock, UMD)
  • G.W. Bush Rally MPEG, 1.44 MB, 15 seconds with sound
  • Convention floor goes crazy... MPEG, 1.44 MB, 15 seconds with sound
  • Convention hall 360 MPEG, 1.44 MB, 15 seconds with sound
  • CRs sleepy after 23 hours on the bus
  • The StateBoard with the plaque announcing our award for "Best College Republican Organization in the Country"
  • MCRs cheer as Cheney enters the convention hall
  • CRs Doug McGregor, Dave Hecht, Joe Blum, Peter Houghteling, Melissa Jackson, Emmie Issacson, Shannon Fiecke, Brooke Dorobiala, jake Jewell, Britt Rice on the convention floor
  • Brooke, Jake & Britt stop to pose, while leaving the convention floor following Lee Greenwood's performance of "Proud to be an American"
  • CRs just miss Guliani, as he slips in for an interview
  • The view from above, following Bush's acceptance speech
  • MCRs Deanne Kociemba, Andy VanDam, Nicole Glawe, Phill Kroll, Steve Lange, Eric Hoplin, Doug McGregor, John Thompson, Britt Rice rally at 6 AM, just before Governor Bush arrives
  • MCRs Leslie Wilcox, Emmy Issacson, Brooke Dorobiala, Angie hoganson, Mark Western, and Amy beightol help get media coverage for Governor Bush
  • CRs up close as Bush addresses the rally
  • Senator John McCain and Laura Bush on hand for the rally
  • CRs melissa Jackson, Phill Kroll, Kevin Umhoeffer and others talking with Congressman Gutknecht
  • CRs 20 feet from President Gerald Ford, President Bush, Bob Dole, and Nancy Reagan
  • CRs up close to Vice Presidential nominee Dick Cheney
  • Colin Powell addresses the convention
  • Executive Director Nicole Glawe on the phone preparing for the next event
  • CRs Phill Kroll, Andy VanDam, Deanne Kociemba, Michael Krueger, Steve Peterson, Brooke Dorobiala, Amy Beightal, and Leslie Wilcox enjoy a speech from Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, from the convention floor
  • Other pictures of the MN delegation (from
Republican State Convention
    MCRs with Senator Rod Grams
    Jake Jewell, Matt Camrud, Eric Hoplin on the convention floor
    The delegates endorse Rod Grams
    Senator Grams addressing the crowds
    Meghan Thein & Britt Rice after the endorsement
MCR Convention 2000
  • Every CR attending got their picture taken with Senator Grams and Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott
    Bethel College Carleton College Fergus Falls Community College
    Gustavus University Hamline University Mankato State University
    Northwestern Southwest State University St. John's University
    St. Catherine St. Olaf St. Scholastica
    U of M Crookston U of M Duluth U of M Morris
    U of M Twin Cities University of St. Thomas Winona State University

    The originals of these photos will be returned to the state board, but if you would like a scanned copy of your clubs photo (in higher quality than those here) please send me an
  • We were also honored to have a number of guests from the CRNC and other CR clubs from across the country.
  • 1999-2000 State Board with Senators Lott and Grams
  • Newly elected 2000-2001 State Board Left to Right: National Treasurer Chris Tiedman, Co-Chairman Andy VanDamn, Secretary Meghan Thein, Chairman Eric Hoplin, Vice-Chair Metro Jennifer McWilliams, Political Director Nate Johnson, Executive Director Nicole Glawe. Not Pictured: Vice-Chair North Josh Rock, Treasurer Matthew Camrud, and Vice-Chair South Brooke Dorobiala
  • Look for more pictures soon, rumor has it that some pictures from the tax rally and Trent Lott's speech are available on Senator Gram's campaign site Check back soon...
Around the State with MCRs
  • UMD and St. Scholastica CRs with MN Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer
  • Justin, Megan and Tanya recruting at Bemidji State
  • Blake Klein campaigning for Rod Grams at Concordia College in Moorhead
  • Chairman Hoplin addresses the CRs at the U of M Crookston
  • The UMC Crs gather for a photo after a recent meeting
CPAC 2000
  • Speaker Newt Gingrich addressing the conference
  • MCRs with CRs from Vermont at the Lincoln Memorial
  • Chairman Hoplin assisting U of M CR Kevin Umhoeffer with his tie
  • Nicole Glawe, Jacob Jewell, Kevin Umhoeffer, enjoying live Maine lobster
  • MCRs out to eat
  • Metro and Southern Vice-Chairs Jennifer McWilliams and Nicole Glawe seated in US House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office
Election 1999
  • MCR co-Chair Andrew Van Dam, Metro Vice-Chair Jennifer McWilliams adn UST CR Megan Thein passing out literature in Bemidji for Senate canidate Doug Peterson
  • "The crew" preparing for a long day ahead in Bemidji
  • St. Olaf and Carleton CRs attend the announcement of Congressman Gil Gutknects opponent
  • St. Olaf and Carleton CRs meet with Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer and Senator Tom Neuville
1999 College Republican National Convention
  • Jill Steinmetz and Andy Van Dam (right) with our new CRNC Chairman, Scott Stewart(center)
  • Eric Hoplin, Jill Steinmetz, Andy Van Dam and Nicole Glawe
  • Andy Van Dam, Jake Jewell, Scott Stano, Nicole Glawe and Eric Hoplin at the capitol.
  • Eric mouthing off to Liddy Dole
Other 1999 Pictures
  • St. Olaf - Carleton College first annual College Republican BBQ
  • St. Olaf College Republicans Geoff, Melissa, Eric, and Britt preparing for the Grams Twins game rally at the Metrodome
  • National College Republican National Committee dinner November 13, 1999. (Left to right) Eric Hoplin, Scott Stewart (CRNC National Chairman), and U.S. Senator Rod Grams.
  • SSU CR John Thompson with Senator Bob Dole at the 1999 Iowa Straw Poll

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