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The race is on! We are well on our way to getting a Republican - Tim Pawlenty in the Governor's Office, as well as helping Paul Wellstone keep his campaign promise of only 2 terms in office by electing Norm Coleman to the US Senate. Along with an amazing group of candidates for other state offices, it is clear that with hard work, we can help change the face of Minnesota and national politics!
Check out these candidates who we enthusiastically support:
  • Norm Coleman for US Senate
  • Tim Pawlenty for MN Governor
  • Mary Kiffmeyer for MN Secretary of State
  • Patti Awada for MN State Auditor
  • Tom Kelly for MN Attorney General
  • Gil Gutknecht for US Congress
  • Jim Ramstad for US Congress
  • Mark Kennedy for US Congress
  • John Kline for US Congress
  • Clyde Billington for US Congress

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